Christoph Eberle


Christoph Eberle was born in 1969 in Zürich, Switzerland. He graduated in 1996 as an architect .
As a self-taught hyperrealistic painter his influences include old masters such as Caravaggio, Vermeer van Delft,
Jacques Louis David, Caspar David Friedrich and Segantini.

Most of his inspirations are born from snapshots of everyday life – be it in the laundry room or on the way in to town:
These moments, when for an instant the light and the situation are coherent, producing a brief moment of clarity and
perfection – a type of film still from his personal movie – are what he searches to capture as precisely as possible.

Painting with very fine and concise brushstrokes he is exploring the classic image concepts (landscape, still life and portrait).
Although photos are used as a starting point in the painting process, the intention is not to fool the eye but to create images
that are coherent and self-contained, allowing space for interpretation.
So the goal is to achieve a strong and independent visual idea, not a slavish copy.