Anneke Elhorst


Deep in her heart she really wanted to go to the art academy, but this was inevitable in her culture. In fact, she didn’t even dare talk about it. Retrieved books from the library, took courses for hobbyists and exhibited her work in library, furniture stores, music stores, etc. Family and friends loved the work and bought it from her, but she kept wondering: is this because it is her work, or is it the quality? She could dream of how great it would be if her work would hang in a gallery and it would then also be sold to a, to her, totally strange person. That dream has come true.

Her great love lies with still lifes. Not because she wants to paint these objects so badly, but they are the reason for a work that is about atmosphere, composition and form. While in the early days she had been busy with rather busy images and lots of color, she soon had brought more peace to her work, and the work became quiet and atmospheric.

Her work remains recognizable, despite the fact that she uses different techniques. Sometimes thick in the paint, applied with the knife, then again thin with little paint and transparent layers. But her own handwriting always remains recognizable, and the still lifes of Anneke Elhorst remain.